Yessma Web Series & Movies List

Yessma Web Series & Movies List: In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, Yessma has emerged as a prominent player in the realm of Malayalam adult OTT platforms. With the initiation of their web series just a few months ago, Yessma has rapidly garnered an extensive and dedicated fan base across various social media platforms.

This platform has successfully delved into diverse genres such as drama, horror, and romance, captivating the audience with its versatile content. Moreover, Yessma has taken a bold step by expanding its horizons to encompass multiple languages, broadening its reach and appeal.

Yessma Web Series & Movies List 2

A notable milestone in Yessma’s journey is the release of its maiden film, “Nancy,” directed by the talented Lakshmi Dheeptha. This cinematic endeavor marks Yessma’s foray into the world of movies, further solidifying its stance as a multifaceted entertainment provider. The introduction of “Nancy” is a testament to Yessma’s commitment to offering a comprehensive entertainment experience to its audience.

Yessma Web Series & Movies List

Movie / Web Series NameRelease Date
Pal Payasam Season 2 Yessma Web Series20 August 2023
Love Pill Yessma Web Series10 August 2023
Pappadam (Yessma) Web Series4 August 2023
Avesham Web Series7 July 2023
Psychedelic Love Web Series19 June 2023
Kamasutram Web Series5 June 2023
Kodaikanal Web Series20 May 2023
Kinnaratumbikal Part 2 Web SeriesMarch 2023
Kinnaratumbikal Part 116 March 2023
Nancy Malayalam Web Series29 July 2022
Pulinjikka Part 2 Web Series6 May 2023
Pulinjikka Part 1 Yessma Web Series29 April 2023
Vishu kaineettam 2 Web Series25 April 2023
Vishu Kaineettam Web Series15 April 2023
Vishukkani Web Series15 April 2023
Sreerangam Part 2 Web Series8 April 2023
Sreerangam Web Series22 December 2022
Selinte Tution Class Web Series21 August 2022
Pal Payasam 2 Web Series22 September 2022
Paal Payasam Web Series25 September 2022
Ladies Hostel Web Series9 October 2022
Hot Stone Web Series5 November 2022
The Sound of Forest Episode 1 Web Series7 December 2022
The Sound of Forest Episode 2 Web Series14 December 2022
The Plum Cake Episode 1 Web Series25 December 2022
The Plum Cake Episode 2 Yessma Web Series11 January 2023
Hope Yessma Web Series3 February 2023

For avid enthusiasts of Yessma’s offerings, keeping track of the upcoming movies and web series is a thrilling anticipation. The platform continues to fuel excitement with a promising lineup of engaging content.

Whether it’s the allure of an intense drama, the adrenaline of a horror narrative, or the heartwarming essence of romance, Yessma’s diverse portfolio caters to a wide spectrum of preferences.

As Yessma ventures into various languages, it ensures that its content is relatable and accessible to an even broader audience, fostering a sense of inclusivity.

As fans eagerly await the release of upcoming movies and web series on the Yessma platform, the anticipation is palpable. The thoughtfully curated content and the platform’s commitment to quality entertainment have established Yessma as a pivotal player in the streaming industry.

With a track record of delivering engaging narratives and capturing the audience’s imagination, Yessma’s future endeavors hold the promise of even greater accomplishments.

In conclusion, Yessma’s journey from its inception as a Malayalam adult OTT platform to its expansion into multiple genres and languages, culminating in the release of its debut film “Nancy,” exemplifies its dedication to offering premium entertainment to its diverse audience.

The platform’s ability to strike a chord with viewers through various genres and languages underscores its commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

For those seeking an immersive entertainment experience, Yessma stands as a beacon of creativity and diversity. With its growing popularity and expanding content library, Yessma web series continues to shape the landscape of online entertainment, inviting viewers to explore a world of captivating narratives.

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