The Trial of Zachary Latham: A Story of Fatal Neighbors

Zachary Latham, a 20-year-old social media influencer with a following of approximately 40,000 on TikTok, is facing charges of second-degree manslaughter, aggravated assault, and weapons charges following the death of his 51-year-old neighbor, William “Timmy” Durham Sr. Latham was living with his wife and grandparents when the incident occurred. The events leading up to Durham’s death began with Latham’s social media posts, which showed him revving his expensive cars’ engines and speeding through his neighborhood. In April 2020, a neighbor, Catherine “Tiffany” Durham, confronted him over his reckless driving. Latham’s video of the exchange went viral, causing him to receive harassing comments from his followers.

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The situation escalated, with the entire Durham family becoming involved. Latham and William “Billy” Durham had a confrontation, with Latham later blaming Billy in a TikTok comment. The situation came to a head on May 4, 2020, when Latham drove his car towards Gage Durham, who was riding a bike in the neighborhood. Tiffany confronted Latham, and he allegedly gave her a black eye.

The Durham family, allegedly unarmed, went to Latham’s house to confront him, and Latham emerged from his house with knives and a stun gun. Despite the Durhams being unarmed, Latham allegedly attacked them, killing Timmy Durham in the garage.

Latham claimed that he had armed himself with a knife and stun gun from what he perceived to be a “mob attack.” He used the stun gun on Timmy and stabbed him multiple times, causing a fatal wound that punctured his left lung.

The aftermath of the incident involved several calls to 911 from neighbors and Latham himself. Latham was treated for injuries sustained during the altercation and later taken into custody. Tiffany was charged with simple assault and criminal trespass, while her sons were charged with aggravated assault and trespassing.

In conclusion, the story of the Zachary Latham trial is one of escalating tensions between neighbors that ultimately resulted in a tragic death. The events leading up to the incident highlight the power and influence of social media and the potential dangers that can arise from it. Latham’s actions have brought him before the court, and he now faces serious charges that could result in significant jail time.

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Who is Zachary Latham?
Zachary Latham is a social media influencer who was charged with second-degree manslaughter, aggravated assault and weapons charges in the death of his neighbor, William “Timmy” Durham Sr.

What was the reason behind the escalating conflict between Latham and the Durham family?
The conflict began when Latham posted videos on social media featuring expensive cars he owned, revving their engines and speeding through the quiet neighborhood. One of his neighbors, Catherine “Tiffany” Durham, confronted him over his speeding on April 6, 2020. After the video of the confrontation with Durham went viral, Latham began having problems with Tiffany’s husband, William “Timmy” Durham Sr. and their two sons, William “Billy”, 21, and Gage, 17.

What happened on May 4, 2020?
Police said that Latham was driving through the neighborhood when he swerved his car toward Gage, who was on a bike, with the intention of running him down. Tiffany confronted Latham, and she alleged that she was given a black eye. The entire Durham family then went to Latham’s house to confront him. Detectives said that Latham emerged from his house with knives and a stun gun, as Sarah recorded the confrontation with a cellphone. The altercation began outside and continued into the garage, where Timmy Durham was killed.

What happened after the altercation?
There were several calls made to 911, from neighbors and from Latham himself. Latham was treated at the hospital for a concussion and abrasions before he was taken into custody. Tiffany was charged with simple assault and criminal trespass, and her sons were charged with aggravated assault and trespassing.

What did Latham’s attorney say about the incident?
Latham’s attorney, Nathan Perry, has said his client acted in self-defense, and that the Durham family was trespassing on his property. In an interview with, Perry said, “to a very, very fair extend, the Durhams visited this great sadness upon themselves.”

What happened to Latham after his arrest?
Following his arrest, Latham continued to be active on social media. Prosecutors allege that Latham created a new TikTok account and continued to post about the case. A motion was filed in 2021 seeking to revoke Latham’s release because of the behavior. Before the motion could be heard, Latham was arrested in Fort Myers, Florida, for allegedly threatening a driver.

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