The irresponsibility of a dog daycare that lost Kiara, the most wanted dog in Colombia

In the Colombian municipality of La Calera, a man lives the worst moment of his life. Camilo Jaramillo Montenegro, owner of Kiara, an eight-year-old Bernese Mountain dog, has been plunged into sadness and despair for almost six months when his beloved pet got lost in the woods while taking a walk with his caregivers. from Mashi kindergarten.

Kiara’s story is one of those stories that touches everyone’s heart. A dog that was adored by her owner, loved by her canine friends, and known to the entire community. Kiara was part of Camilo’s family and the loss of her has been devastating to him.

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On the morning of the day Kiara went missing, two caretakers from the Mashi day care center took ten dogs, including Kiara, for a walk in the woods near La Calera.

But later, they returned to the daycare without Kiara, explaining that she was lost. From that moment on, Camilo began a tireless search to find his beloved dog. Firefighters, rescuers, neighbors and activists came together to find Kiara, visiting many regions surrounding La Calera, but she never appeared.

Camilo started campaigns of all kinds to find his beloved dog, offering a large reward to whoever found her. But unfortunately, all the efforts were insufficient. Over the past few months, Camilo has experienced the anguish and uncertainty of not knowing what happened to his dog and the daycare owners never took responsibility for his mistake.

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Camilo is a man who has suffered a lot during this time, but he has not stood idly by. He has decided to do something so that no one else has to go through what he is experiencing. For this reason, he has collected more than 25,000 signatures to approve a law that requires animal day care centers to meet minimum requirements. Camilo does not want to sue anyone or financial compensation. All he wants is to get his dog back.

From the moment Kiara disappeared, Camilo hasn’t stopped looking for her. He has used every tool at her disposal, from social media to flyers and posters. He has also talked to neighbors and friends, and has even hired people to help him search for him. But despite all his efforts, he has not been able to find his beloved dog.

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During all these months of searching, Camilo has received many donations that were sent to shelters, as well as sterilization days to honor Kiara. But Camilo wants to see her pet again, he wants to hug her again and feel her love.

Kiara’s story is a wake-up call for all people who have pets and those who offer animal care services. It is important to remember that animals are living beings and deserve to be treated with respect and care. Animal day care centers have a great responsibility, not only to pet owners, but also to the animals themselves.

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Dog daycares are places designed to provide care and attention to these animals while their owners are away or busy with work. Their primary role is to provide a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for dogs, which may include activities such as games, walks, and socialization with other dogs.

Dog day care managers must work with great responsibility, ensuring that dogs are supervised at all times and have access to clean water and nutritious food. They must also monitor the health status and behavior of each dog, to avoid any health problems or conflicts between the dogs.

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When owners take their dogs to a kennel that isn’t up to standard, they can put their pets at unnecessary risk. If dogs are not properly supervised, they can get hurt or sick, or even run away.

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