The First Story-Based AA Game to Feature Play2Earn, NFT, and Metaverse

Unfettered is the first-ever story-based AA game that incorporates Play2Earn, NFT, and Metaverse elements, providing players with a unique and immersive gaming experience. The game tells the tale of a lonely woman’s arduous journey to put an end to years of Blood and Tears in the Age of Gods.

The Violent Age of the Gods

The Age of the Gods has endured for thousands of years, but it is currently going through a violent and bloody era. Death, who seeks to end this long-lasting conflict, decides to alter the balance by devising plans in a little-known realm. For reasons unknown, he chooses a young and inexperienced woman from that realm to carry out his mission. She agrees to Death’s invitation and embarks on a painful journey, unaware of what lies ahead.

A Gripping Storyline

As the lone woman overcomes each challenging stage, the game’s unique graphics and adventures enhance her captivating story. Unfettered keeps players engaged and provides them with a genuine blockchain gaming experience. The Play2Earn feature enables players to earn tokens by completing tasks and reaching milestones within the game. The NFT element adds value to players’ gaming experience by allowing them to collect unique, digital assets that can be traded or sold. The Metaverse feature takes the gaming experience to another level by allowing players to interact with a virtual world beyond the game itself.

Tokens for Sale

Unfettered tokens will be available for sale soon. The ICO price for each token is $0.009000, and the fundraising goal is $150,000. The Soft Cap has yet to be determined, and the percentage of total supply is 0.55%. The token sale will take place on Enjinstarter, and the only accepted currency is BUSD. There is no personal cap, and the sale is open to the public.

Unfettered is a groundbreaking game that combines storytelling with Play2Earn, NFT, and Metaverse features. It provides players with a unique and immersive gaming experience while also allowing them to earn tokens and collect NFTs. Unfettered is a must-play for anyone looking for a new, exciting gaming experience that transcends traditional gaming.

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