Tadap Hunters Web Series on Hunters app – Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Full Episodes

Are you a fan of engaging web series that keep you on the edge of your seat? If so, then the upcoming “Tadap Hunters” on the popular Indian OTT platform, Hunters, is a series you won’t want to miss. With its unique blend of fantasy, drama, and romance, the series promises to be a thrilling and exciting viewing experience for fans of the genre.

The trailer for “Tadap Hunters,” released recently on YouTube, has been generating a lot of attention and excitement among viewers. The series is set to feature Aliya Naaz in the lead role and boasts high-quality production values, including impressive cinematography and visual effects.

As is typical of Hunters, which releases two new web series every week on its OTT platform, “Tadap Hunters” is expected to be a major addition to their library of offerings. Fans of the genre can expect to be entertained by a compelling storyline and powerful performances.

Tadap Hunters Web Series Storyline

The web series follows the story of a married couple going through a rough patch in their relationship. The husband expresses his dissatisfaction to his wife, stating that she does not satisfy him. As a result, the couple decides to visit the husband’s mother’s house.

As the husband deals with his marital troubles, his younger sister becomes aware of his distress and attempts to support him in a way that ends up blurring boundaries. The story takes a dramatic turn as the sister’s feelings for her brother become more complex, and she finds herself acting on her desires.

Tadap Hunters Web Series Cast

Aliya Naaz plays the lead role in “Tadap Hunters,” bringing the character’s emotions to life with her dynamic acting skills. With the Hunters app consistently releasing two web series every week on its OTT platform, viewers can look forward to the release of “Tadap Hunters” in the coming weeks.

Tadap Hunters Web Series Release Date

The highly anticipated “Tadap Hunters” web series is set to premiere on 22nd February. Produced by Hunters app, which has gained immense popularity among Indian audiences for its engaging and thrilling content, “Tadap Hunters” is expected to attract a lot of attention and make a mark among viewers.

As per the norm of the app, “Tadap Hunters” will be released with all episodes at once, allowing viewers the flexibility to binge-watch the entire series at their convenience.

Tadap Web Series Watch Online

To watch “Tadap Hunters” and enjoy other amazing web series on the Hunters app, simply subscribe to the platform. With its impressive library of content and engaging storylines, Hunters is a top choice for fans of web series in India and beyond.


“Tadap Hunters” is a web series that promises to be a unique and thrilling addition to the Hunters app’s library of offerings. With its impressive production values, powerful performances, and compelling storyline, this series is sure to capture the attention and imaginations of viewers in India and beyond. So, mark your calendar for 22nd February and get ready to binge-watch “Tadap Hunters” on Hunters app.

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