Should You Keep a Fridge Near the Stove in Your Kitchen? Finding the Right Spot

In today’s world, refrigerators have become an essential part of every household, whether in urban cities or rural areas. With the rising temperatures due to global warming, keeping food fresh and safe has become a challenge. Refrigerators play a crucial role in preserving perishables like fruits, vegetables, and milk. But where is the right spot to place a refrigerator in your kitchen? Can it be placed near the stove? Let’s explore the answer to this question.

The Availability of Refrigerators in Modern Homes

Nowadays, almost every home has a refrigerator. Many households have been using refrigerators for years, but some people might not be aware of the proper way to utilize them. One question that arises is where to place the refrigerator.

Placing the Refrigerator in the Kitchen

If you are getting a new refrigerator for your home, you might wonder where to position it, especially if you want to store kitchen-related items. In such cases, keeping the refrigerator in the kitchen is the right choice to avoid the inconvenience of traveling back and forth.

The Size and Layout of the Kitchen

The size of the kitchen matters when deciding where to place the refrigerator. In larger kitchens, there is usually more space to accommodate the fridge. However, in smaller kitchens, the available space might be limited. So, can a refrigerator be placed near the stove in such situations? Let’s find out.

The Proximity of the Refrigerator to the Stove

It is generally advisable not to place the refrigerator too close to the stove. LG Refrigerators, in one of their blogs, mention that heating appliances like stoves can affect the cooling performance of the refrigerator due to the proximity of heat. This could lead to increased energy consumption and affect the refrigerator’s overall performance.

Avoiding Areas with Coils, Gas, or Smoke

Refrigerators should not be placed near areas with coils, gas, or smoke. The presence of these elements can adversely affect the refrigerator. Additionally, it is essential to avoid direct sunlight, as it may alter the refrigerator’s color over time.

Finding the Right Spot

Ideally, the refrigerator should be placed in an area with enough clearance and good ventilation. A spot close to a window or a door is preferable, as it allows better air circulation. Keeping the refrigerator near the kitchen entrance also makes it more accessible.

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To ensure the longevity and efficient performance of your refrigerator, it is crucial to find the right spot for it in your kitchen. Placing it away from heat sources, coils, and direct sunlight will help maintain its cooling capabilities and appearance.

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