Shocking Video Leaked of Steven Crowder Berating Pregnant Wife Hilary

Recently, a video has surfaced of conservative political commentator Steven Crowder verbally attacking his pregnant wife, Hilary, almost two years before their separation. The three-minute, 30-second-long video was recorded on a Ring Camera in June 2021 and has since gone viral on social media platforms.

The video sheds light on the couple’s allegedly tumultuous relationship, and many have expressed their concerns about the situation. Here’s what happened in the video, and why it has become such a hot topic on social media.

Crowder Berates Hilary Over Car Use

In the video, Crowder can be seen berating his pregnant wife, Hilary, after she requested to take their only car to run errands. Crowder reprimands her for this and tries to persuade her to take an Uber instead.

He argues that it would be unfair for her to take their only vehicle as he wouldn’t be able to go to the gym or visit his parents. Hilary tries to be accommodating, offering to pick up what he needs, but Crowder dismisses her offer, stating that it wasn’t sufficient because his life “is set to the second.”

Crowder’s Angry Retort

In response to Hilary’s request, Crowder angrily retorts, saying, “Because if you refuse to do wifely things, then I will go pick up the groceries.” This outburst has caused widespread criticism on social media, with many users condemning Crowder’s verbal attack on his pregnant wife.

Crowder Suggests Hilary Give Medicine to Dogs

Hilary emphasized her commitment to their marriage, noting that she would let the matter go and just needed some space after their dispute. Crowder then suggested that if she was as committed as she claimed to be, she should put on gloves to give their dogs the medicine she feared was toxic for pregnant women and walk their dogs.

The Aftermath

The leaked video has received widespread criticism on social media, and many have expressed their concerns about the situation. Crowder, who is known for his controversial views and rhetoric, has yet to issue a statement on the matter.


The leaked video of Steven Crowder berating his pregnant wife, Hilary, has sparked a heated discussion on social media. Many have expressed their concern about the situation, and the video has caused widespread criticism of Crowder’s behavior. It is unclear if Crowder will issue a statement in response to the controversy, but for now, the incident has shone a light on the issue of domestic abuse and the need for better support for victims of such abuse.

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