Russian missiles hit ‘crowded’ centre of Ukraine city – Today Top Ten News, 2 July 2023

Today Top Ten News from Around the World, Sunday, 2 July 2023

Russian missiles hit ‘crowded’ centre of Ukraine city

At least four people are killed and dozens injured in the strike on Kramatorsk, Ukrainian officials say. The attack comes amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine over the former’s military buildup near the border.

Belarus leader welcomes Wagner boss into exile

Yevgeny Prigozhin, who led a Russian mutiny, arrives in Belarus and his men are offered a military base. Prigozhin is a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and is accused of running the Wagner Group, a private military contractor that operates in several conflict zones.

Trump heard on tape discussing secret documents

It appears to be the same recording cited by prosecutors in their indictment of the former president. Trump is heard talking to his former chief of staff Mark Meadows about obtaining classified information related to the 2020 election and pressuring the Justice Department to overturn the results.

French police kill teen who refused traffic stop

A 17-year-old is shot dead near Paris in broad daylight after failing to obey traffic police. The incident sparks violent protests in the suburb of Nanterre, where cars are set on fire and fireworks are thrown at officers.

Image captured by Mars rover shows a mysterious ‘doughnut’ on the planet’s surface

The Perseverance rover has sent back an intriguing image of a circular feature that resembles a doughnut or a bagel. Scientists are not sure what it is, but they speculate it could be a rock, a meteorite, or even a piece of the rover itself.

Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi visits restive Manipur after vehicle is initially stopped

The Congress party leader travels to the northeastern state to meet with civil society groups and activists who are protesting against a controversial citizenship law and demanding more autonomy from the central government. Gandhi’s convoy is briefly blocked by security forces at the airport, but he manages to reach his destination after some negotiation.

Woman’s leg amputated after becoming trapped in Thai airport moving walkway

A 39-year-old woman from Myanmar suffers a horrific injury after her leg gets caught in a gap between two moving walkways at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. She undergoes surgery to remove her lower leg, but doctors say she may need further amputation due to infection.

An observatory in Antarctica reveals ‘ghostly’ new portrait of the Milky Way

The South Pole Telescope has captured a stunning image of our galaxy’s magnetic field, which is invisible to the naked eye but can be detected by measuring the polarization of cosmic microwave background radiation. The image shows how the magnetic field shapes the structure and evolution of the Milky Way.

People find us easy targets’: Women politicians face a torrent of online abuse but say they won’t stop their work

A report by Amnesty International reveals that female politicians around the world face widespread harassment, threats, and violence on social media platforms, especially if they belong to marginalized groups or advocate for human rights issues. The report calls for more action from governments and tech companies to protect women’s rights online.

After the short-lived insurrection, questions swirl over top Russian commander and Prigozhin

The Kremlin denies any involvement in the attempted coup by Wagner Group mercenaries in Russia’s Far East, but questions remain about the role and fate of General Alexander Zorin, who was reportedly leading the rebels. Zorin is said to be close to Prigozhin, who is also linked to Russia’s interference in US elections and other foreign operations.

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