Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) Announces 100% Free Education for Undergraduate Programs for Female Students

Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) has taken a significant step towards empowering female students by announcing a 100 percent free education scholarship for undergraduate programs. The aim of this scholarship is to provide higher education opportunities to female students hailing from underprivileged areas. The scholarships will be awarded to those enrolled in the Undergraduate Morning programs offered by the university. This article will delve into the details of the scholarship, the application process, and the various scholarships available at QAU.

QAU Scholarships for Female Students

The scholarship program at Quaid-e-Azam University is specifically targeted at female students from different regions of Pakistan. The following areas are eligible for the scholarship:

  1. Balochistan
  2. Azad Jammu & Kashmir
  3. Gilgit Baltistan
  4. Sindh
  5. Merged districts of KP (ex-FATA)
  6. South Punjab

Apart from the free education scholarship, the QAU scholarship office collaborates with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and other donor organizations to offer numerous other scholarships. These scholarships are provided based on merit and are awarded after evaluation by scholarship committees constituted by the university. The objective is to ensure transparency and uphold the principles of meritocracy.

Other Scholarships at QAU

In addition to the scholarships mentioned above, Quaid-e-Azam University provides several other scholarships to support students in their educational endeavors. Some of the major scholarships at QAU include:

Provincial Endowment Scholarships at QAU

  • Punjab Education & Endowment Fund (PEEF) Scholarship
  • Chief Minister Endowment Scholarship Fund, KPK
  • Frontier Education Foundation Scholarship
  • Balochistan Education and Endowment Fund Scholarship
  • Sindh Endowment Fund Scholarship

HEC and Other Donor Organizations Scholarships at QAU

  • USAID Funded Merit and Need-Based Scholarships
  • HEC Need-Based Scholarship
  • Aghaz-e-Haqooq Balochistan Scholarship
  • Balochistan Scholarship for Law Graduates
  • FATA and Balochistan Scholarships
  • EHSAAS UG Scholarships
  • Scholarships for Gilgit Baltistan Students
  • Wheelchair Scheme for Disabled Students
  • Professional Education Foundation Scholarships, Karachi
  • National Bank Loan Scheme

Application Process

To avail themselves of the QAU scholarship for undergraduate programs, interested female students can submit their applications online through the official QAU website. It is important to note that the last date to submit the application for the scholarship is July 31, 2023. Candidates should ensure that they complete the application process within the specified timeframe.

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The 100 percent free education scholarship announced by Quaid-e-Azam University for female students in undergraduate programs is a commendable initiative. By providing educational opportunities to underprivileged students, QAU is contributing to the empowerment and development of society as a whole. The scholarships are awarded based on merit, ensuring transparency and equal opportunities for all eligible candidates.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who is eligible for the QAU scholarship for female students?

Female students from Balochistan, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Sindh, Merged districts of KP (ex-FATA), and South Punjab are eligible for the scholarship.

2. How can I apply for the QAU scholarship?

You can apply for the scholarship online through the QAU website. The application submission deadline is July 31, 2023.

3. Are there any other scholarships available at Quaid-e-Azam University?

Yes, apart from the free education scholarship, QAU offers various other scholarships in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and other donor organizations.

4. What is the evaluation process for QAU scholarships?

The scholarships are awarded based on merit, and the evaluation is conducted by scholarship committees constituted by the university.

5. Can male students apply for the QAU scholarships?

The scholarships announced by QAU are specifically for female students. However, the university may offer scholarships for male students as well.

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