Pakistan Denies Reports of Exports to Israel: Ministry of Commerce

The Ministry of Commerce has refuted the news circulating on social media regarding the export of Pakistani goods to Israel. In a statement issued on Sunday, the Ministry clarified that no shipment has been exported from Pakistan to Israel, directly or indirectly.

Reports claimed that the first export shipment of Pakistani food products had reached Israel, sent by a Pakistani-Jewish businessman, Fishel BenKhald. However, the Ministry dismissed these claims as inaccurate and misleading.

Trade Exhibition in the UAE

According to the Ministry, the deal was allegedly finalized at a trade exhibition recently held in the United Arab Emirates. While Pakistan does not have diplomatic relations with Israel, it has no trade or banking relations with the country.

Pakistan Customs Confirms No Shipment to Israel

Pakistan Customs officials have confirmed that no shipment of goods or commodities of Pakistani origin has been exported from Pakistan to Israel. The Ministry stated that even if any goods are exported through a third country, it cannot be termed as exports from Pakistan to Israel.

Misleading Claims

The Ministry emphasized that since neither the shipment was exported directly to Israel nor payment received in any Pakistani bank, it cannot be considered as trade between the two countries. The claims regarding exports to Israel are, therefore, factually incorrect and misleading.


In conclusion, the Ministry of Commerce has categorically denied the reports of any trade taking place between Pakistan and Israel. It has further clarified that Pakistan does not recognize Israel as a sovereign state and has no diplomatic, trade or banking relations with it. The Ministry urges the public to avoid spreading false information and rely only on official statements regarding such matters.

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