Multi-chain Lending Protocol with Real Yield Value Extraction: All You Need to Know About LEND

LEND is a lending protocol that operates across multiple chains and generates real yield value extraction from protocol to holder. In this article, we will explore the features of LEND, its revenue-generating model, risk management approach, and token sale details.

Revenue-Generating Model: Facilitating Swaps and Interest Rate Differentials

LEND generates revenue through facilitating swaps and interest rate differentials, which helps to create revenue on the spread. This means that the lending pools have an algorithmically derived interest rate model, which is based on the current supply and demand of each asset. By doing so, the protocol creates a revenue stream that is distributed to LEND holders.

Risk Management Approach: Over-Collateralization for Optimal Liquidity

To ensure the safety of the protocol from adverse events, LEND has adopted a risk-mitigated approach. Borrowers are required to over-collateralize, which provides optimal liquidity within the protocol. Furthermore, unhealthy accounts are subject to automated liquidations. Money markets only supply the most liquid assets available to further ensure the stability of the protocol.

Token Sale Details

Tokens for sale: 5,000,000 LEND
Tokens sold: N/A
ICO Price: $0.070000
Where to buy:
Soft Cap: $50,000
% of Total Supply: 0.5%
Fundraising Goal: $350,000
Accepted currencies: BUSD/USDT
Personal Cap: 100BUSD~10000BUSD
Access: Public

To participate in the LEND Public Sale, visit or participating CEX and DEX platforms, which will be revealed over the coming days. Priority whitelisting for the public offering is available through our Gleam campaign, which you can find here: Follow the instructions in the Gleam campaign to ensure that you are whitelisted for the event.

Tokenomics can be found at

In conclusion, LEND is a multi-chain lending protocol that offers a risk-mitigated approach to lending. Its revenue-generating model creates a stream of revenue that is distributed to LEND holders. The LEND token sale offers an opportunity to participate in this innovative protocol, with priority whitelisting available through our Gleam campaign.

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