Maryam The Spoilt Brat – Twitter war between Imran Khan and Maryam Nawaz

The political turmoil in Pakistan has reached its peak, as the war of words between the PTI leader Imran Khan and PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz has intensified on Twitter. The exchange of tweets between the two has caused quite a stir in the country, and it seems that this battle is far from over. Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening and how it could impact the future of Pakistani politics.

Imran Khan Tweet

In his tweet, Imran Khan referred to Maryam Nawaz as a “spoilt brat,” who has been nurtured on corruption money. He accused her of launching “shameless & calculated attacks” on Supreme Court judges and damaging the federation of Pakistan. According to Imran Khan, the sole purpose of Maryam Nawaz’s attacks is to avoid elections and violate the Constitution. He believes that by attacking the SCP, Maryam Nawaz is ensuring that the law of the jungle prevails in Pakistan.

Maryam Nawaz Reply Tweet

Maryam Nawaz replied to Imran Khan’s tweet by calling him the “king of conspiracies” and accusing him of thriving and surviving on them with the help of his godfather Faiz and his vestiges. She also referred to him as a “spoilt brat,” saying that the tables have turned and he is now getting a taste of his own medicine. Maryam Nawaz believes that Imran Khan and his pawns will soon be relegated to irrelevance.

Maryam Nawaz’s Second Reply Tweet

In her second tweet, Maryam Nawaz hit back at Imran Khan’s corruption allegations by calling him a “chor daku,” which translates to “thief bandit.” She accused him of being the first-ever Prime Minister guilty of all forms of corruption, from stealing £190m to his wife’s jewelry and Tosha Khana heist. Maryam Nawaz also alleged that Imran Khan signed files for a 5-carat diamond ring.


Impact of the Twitter War

The Twitter war between Imran Khan and Maryam Nawaz has intensified the already tense political atmosphere in Pakistan. The country has been struggling with economic instability, corruption, and terrorism for a long time, and the war of words between the two leaders has only added to the chaos. The exchange of tweets has sparked a debate among the people of Pakistan, with some supporting Imran Khan’s views and others siding with Maryam Nawaz.

It remains to be seen how this Twitter war will impact the future of Pakistani politics. It is clear that both Imran Khan and Maryam Nawaz have their own agendas, and they will stop at nothing to achieve them. However, what is needed at this moment is unity, stability, and a sense of purpose. The people of Pakistan deserve better than being subjected to petty politics and personal attacks.

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