Love Across Borders: Indian Girl Anju’s Journey to Pakistan and Embracing Islam for Love

In a heartwarming story of love transcending borders and religions, a Bharati woman named Anju, who arrived in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, has tied the knot with a young man named Nasrullah. Anju, who had recently obtained her visa, embarked on this journey to reunite with her friend Nasrullah, whom she had known since 2019 through Facebook. The Director-General of Malakand Division, Nasir Mahmood Satti, confirmed and celebrated their marriage, announcing that Anju had embraced Islam and now goes by the name Fatima.

Indian Girl Anju converts to Islam and Marries Nasrullah in Pakistan

A Serendipitous Meeting

In her statement, Anju expressed that she willingly visited Nasrullah, her dear friend, and was fascinated by the hospitality and beauty of the region. Little did she know that destiny had a unique plan for her. In the presence of the court, Anju declared under oath that her previous name was Anjutha, and she belonged to the Christian faith. However, driven by her happiness and free will, she embraced Islam and changed her name to Fatima.

An Unwavering Commitment

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In the affidavit, Fatima emphasized that her union with Nasrullah was based on mutual consent and not forced in any way. She expressed her affection for Nasrullah and declared him to be her soulmate. Fatima proclaimed that her decision to come to Pakistan was solely for Nasrullah’s sake, as he was the reason for her visit. The marriage was solemnized with a Mehr of 10 tolas of gold, and Nasrullah became her lawful husband according to Islamic customs.

A Shared Future

The couple is currently residing in the enchanting district of Deir Bala, savoring the bliss of togetherness. Their relationship serves as a beautiful example of how love knows no boundaries and how the internet can bring people together from different corners of the world. Despite the tied match between their respective countries, their love story is a testament to the unifying power of love and the strength of human connections.

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In a world often divided by boundaries and differences, Anju and Nasrullah’s love story shines as a beacon of hope and unity. It reminds us that love is a force that can bridge gaps, transcending geographical borders and cultural barriers. Their journey is an inspiration to cherish love, embrace diversity, and celebrate the ties that bind us all as human beings.


Is their marriage recognized in both India and Pakistan?

Yes, their marriage is legally recognized in Pakistan as they followed the proper procedures and obtained court validation.

Did Anju face any challenges in converting to Islam?

Anju’s decision to embrace Islam was entirely her choice, and she did not face any external pressure or challenges.

How did Nasrullah and Anju initially meet on Facebook?

They met through a mutual friend on Facebook in 2019 and developed a deep bond over time.

Will they continue to stay in Pakistan, or are there plans to move elsewhere?

As of now, the couple is happily residing in Deir Bala, Pakistan, but their future plans are not disclosed yet.

How has their story impacted the local community in Deir Bala?

Their heartwarming love story has captured the attention of the local community, spreading a message of love and acceptance.

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