Kryptview (KVT): A Platform for Community Research and Insight-Sharing on Cryptos

Are you tired of relying on technical analysis alone for your crypto investment decisions? Look no further than Kryptview (KVT), a data platform that focuses on fundamental analysis and community-driven insights. In this article, we’ll explore what Kryptview is, what makes it unique, and how you can get involved.

What is Kryptview (KVT)?

Kryptview is a data platform that enables users to generate rigorous fundamental analysis on cryptos, which is automatically structured, reviewed by the community, and shared with all Kryptview users for better decision-making. The platform uses a Peer-to-Peer model and Blockchain mechanisms to reward users for their contributions.

KVT is Kryptview’s utility token, which is used for accessing the platform and protecting the community from promoters, as well as rewarding contributors and content validators.

Kryptview Tools

Kryptview provides several tools to help users make informed decisions:

Real-time market data on tokens and cryptocurrencies. Kryptview Research Wizard, which allows any user to research a token and its fundamentals simply but rigorously. The Research Wizard uses methodologies and frameworks inspired by professional analysts and investors. Kryptview Predictor, which allows users to share their assessment of a token’s price evolution over time after researching it. Kryptview Community Portfolios, which let users share their portfolio models and automatically earn rewards if the portfolio performs well. These portfolios are shared with the community to allow for cross-fertilization and knowledge sharing.

What Makes Kryptview Unique?

Kryptview differentiates itself from similar solutions in several ways:

Primary focus on fundamental analysis rather than technical analysis. Decentralized approach to the generation of content and insights. Reward mechanism incentivizing both the content generation and its review by the community. Educational content embedded in the platform to help users ramp up on fundamental-driven research methodology applied to tokens. Ecosystem of seasoned partners helping the team deliver a robust technology and user-friendly platform.

Who Are the Founders of Kryptview?

Kryptview was founded by Samy Nadi and Floran Sarrano. The two met at AXA, a top-tier insurance and institutional investment firm, where Floran oversaw investments in the innovation arm of the firm and Samy was the Chief of Staff to the Chief Investment Officer, managing over EUR 600bn.

The team has already raised a first pre-seed equity round from top-notch investors to fund the development of the platform and initial milestones of the company.

How Can I Buy Kryptview Token (KVT)?

Details on where and how to buy Kryptview’s token will be released soon and ahead of the launch. The ICO is scheduled from November 26 to November 30, 2023, and the tokens for sale are 37,352,941 KVT.

To participate, you need to perform KYC and visit Kryptview’s ICO website at


Kryptview is an exciting new platform that leverages the power of community-driven insights and fundamental analysis to help users make better decisions in the crypto space. With its focus on education and decentralized content generation, Kryptview is poised to disrupt the market and become a go-to resource for crypto investors. Keep an eye out for more details on the ICO and token sale!

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