Houston Rapper BTB Savage Reportedly Shot and Killed in Robbery

In a tragic incident that has shocked fans of the Houston rap scene, up-and-coming artist BTB Savage was reportedly shot and killed in River Oaks on Thursday evening. This news has left fans heartbroken and saddened by the untimely death of this talented musician.

Details about the shooting are still scarce, but sources report that BTB Savage was targeted in a robbery gone wrong. The rapper had reportedly been parked in his white Mercedes Benz on San Felipe Street when a black Subaru pulled up behind him. Two gunmen emerged from the vehicle and opened fire, shooting BTB Savage multiple times before fleeing the scene.

Video footage of the incident has circulated on social media, showing the brutal attack and the aftermath of the shooting. BTB Savage’s car was riddled with bullet holes, and the rapper himself was found dead at the scene.

The incident comes just hours after BTB Savage had posted images of himself on social media, showing off his expensive wristwatch and posing in a kitchenette covered in dried blood. According to sources, the photos were taken at the scene of a home invasion that had taken place at his house a few months prior.

In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, BTB Savage had revealed that he and his fiancée had been targeted in the home invasion, which was carried out by a group of criminals who had pretended to be interested in a partnership with the rapper. The attackers had entered his home through the back door, but the incident had ended in a shootout that left one of the intruders dead and BTB Savage injured. you can watch video here.

The death of BTB Savage is a great loss to the Houston rap community and to music lovers everywhere. His music had shown great potential, and his untimely death is a tragedy that will be felt by many. Our thoughts go out to his family, friends, and fans during this difficult time.

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