Ghostly Marriage Woes: Rocker Brocarde Seeks Freedom from Haunting Torment

Rocker Brocarde, a 38-year-old vocalist, encountered an unusual and unsettling situation in a tale that seemed right out of the ghostly world. On Halloween 2022, she wed Edwardo, a ghost, and now she seeks marriage counselling through a communicator and considers exorcising her ghostly spouse. This essay dives into the unsettling account of their strange connection, the suffering she experiences, and her quest for freedom.

Meeting the Ghostly Spouse

It all began when Edwardo, a spirit she believes to be that of a Victorian soldier, appeared in Brocarde’s bedroom one fateful night. Their improbable relationship quickly evolved, leading to a small wedding on Halloween night in an abandoned church, followed by a honeymoon at Barry Island.

The Haunting Torment

Despite the initial romance, the marriage took a dark turn as Brocarde found herself experiencing “deep dark thoughts” in recent months. Troubled by this, she sought help from a medium for marriage counseling, hoping to improve her spectral relationship. Unfortunately, her husband’s response was far from comforting.

Desperate for Freedom

Feeling trapped and tormented, Brocarde has decided to end her spectral marriage. She firmly expresses her desire to part ways with Edwardo, acknowledging that being married to a ghost has become unbearable. Determined to break free from the haunting chains, she contemplates hiring an exorcist to liberate her from the relentless clutches of her spectral spouse.


Rocker Brocarde’s tale of a ghostly marriage filled with torment and longing for liberation is one that captivates the imagination. It raises questions about the boundaries between the living and the spirit world. This haunting account serves as a reminder that even in matters of the heart, one must tread carefully and cautiously.

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