French Climber Dies in Suspected Fall During ‘Stunt’ at Hong Kong High-Rise

In a tragic incident that shook the extreme sports community, a 30-year-old French climber, Remi Lucidi, also known as “Remi Enigma,” was found dead in Hong Kong after a suspected fall from a high-rise building while attempting a daring stunt. This article delves into the details of the incident, the life of the deceased climber, and the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate event.

The Discovery

The lifeless body of Remi Lucidi was discovered on a patio of an apartment block in Hong Kong’s Mid-Levels area. Known for his breathtaking photographs from tall structures worldwide, Lucidi had gained considerable popularity on social media under his pseudonym, “Remi Enigma.” The news of his untimely death shocked his followers and admirers alike.

The Investigation

Following the incident, Hong Kong police launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Lucidi’s death. Initial findings pointed to a fall from a ledge as the cause of the tragedy. However, no suicide note was discovered at the scene, leaving the investigators perplexed about the motive behind the stunt.

The Unusual Entry

Lucidi had gained access to the apartment block by informing security that he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor. Instead, he took the elevator to the 49th floor and then accessed stairwells leading to the top floor. These actions raised suspicions about his intentions, adding an element of mystery to the tragic event.

The Fateful Encounter

At approximately 7.30pm local time on Thursday, Lucidi knocked on the window of a penthouse apartment situated on the 68th floor, seeking entry. However, the domestic worker inside grew suspicious of the stranger and chose to ignore his request. Eventually, he moved away from the penthouse.

The Grim Discovery

Later on, the building’s security received a call about a gas leak. Upon arriving at the scene, they were confronted with the grim sight of Lucidi’s lifeless body lying outside the building. The fall seemed to have broken a gas pipe, leading to the gas leak, which further complicated the tragic incident.

A Glimpse Into His Life

As officers investigated the scene, they discovered a French identification card and a sports camera containing footage of various extreme sports. Lucidi’s life, passion, and talent were captured through these recordings, providing a glimpse into the world of an adventurer driven by adrenaline.

Mourning on Social Media

News of Remi Lucidi’s death reverberated across social media platforms, with supporters and followers mourning the loss of a fearless climber and explorer. Just a week before his untimely demise, Lucidi had posted a captivating photo of Hong Kong’s night view on Instagram, tagging the location as Times Square in the Causeway Bay shopping district.


The tragic death of Remi Lucidi, the French climber known as “Remi Enigma,” has left a void in the extreme sports community and saddened countless admirers worldwide. As investigations continue, the circumstances surrounding his fateful fall remain shrouded in perplexity. Lucidi’s daring spirit and passion for exploration will be remembered through the indelible mark he left on social media and in the hearts of those who admired his adventures.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Who was Remi Lucidi, and why was he popular on social media? Remi Lucidi was a 30-year-old French climber who gained a significant following on social media under the name “Remi Enigma” by posting breathtaking photographs from tall structures worldwide.
  2. What was the cause of Remi Lucidi’s death? The cause of Remi Lucidi’s death was believed to be a fall from a high-rise building in Hong Kong while attempting a daring stunt.
  3. Was there any evidence of suicide? No suicide note was found at the scene, leaving investigators uncertain about the motive behind the incident.
  4. How did Remi Lucidi access the high-rise building? Remi Lucidi gained entry to the apartment block by informing security that he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor, but he went to the 49th floor and accessed stairwells leading to the top floor.
  5. What impact did Remi Lucidi have on the extreme sports community? Remi Lucidi’s adventurous spirit and talent as a climber and explorer inspired many in the extreme sports community and beyond, leaving a lasting impact on his followers and admirers.

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