Fatal Alligator Attack Caught on Video: 85-Year-Old Woman Killed in Florida

A horrifying video has emerged capturing the moments before an 85-year-old woman was fatally attacked by an alligator while walking her dog in a Florida retirement community. Gloria Serge was by a retention pond behind her house in Fort Pierce, Florida, when a 10-foot-long alligator emerged from the water and tried to attack her dog. The surveillance footage shows the reptile swimming straight towards Serge’s dog before jumping out of the water and running after the animal.

Elderly Woman Attacked by Alligator

Unfortunately, the alligator didn’t stop with the dog. It then turned to Gloria Serge and dragged her into the water, biting her feet. The elderly woman was taken to the ground, and moments later, she was pulled into the pond by the alligator. Although the woman’s body was later recovered from the pond, the dog managed to survive.

Frantic 911 Call

Neighbors who witnessed the gruesome attack quickly called 911. “Please hurry!… It’s a huge gator. It’s huge, I don’t have anything to give to her,” a neighbor is heard saying in a frantic 911 call released by Fort Pierce Police. “It’s too late. Oh, my God,” the woman is later heard saying. The dispatcher asked if the gator pulled her under, and the neighbor replied with a heart-wrenching “yes.” The dispatcher also asked if anything was visible, but the neighbor confirmed that “nothing, she’s gone.”

Alligator Trapped and Killed

The alligator responsible for the attack was trapped and killed by a nuisance gator trapper. It was reported to weigh between 600 and 700 pounds. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission expressed its condolences in a statement, saying, “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the family and friends of the victim. Serious injuries caused by alligators are rare in Florida.”


Alligator attacks are rare, but they do happen, and they can be fatal. It is important to stay vigilant, especially when in areas where alligators are known to be present. In this case, a peaceful walk with a beloved pet turned into a tragic event that could have been avoided. We extend our condolences to Gloria Serge’s family and friends during this difficult time.

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