Exclusive: Watch Controversial Leaked Video of PTI’s Iftikhar Durrani and Rabia Malik Sparks Outrage

The recent events surrounding the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party have sent shockwaves throughout the political landscape. Not only has the party witnessed the departure of prominent figures such as Shireen Mazari and Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan, but an alleged video featuring Iftikhar Durrani, former special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, engaged in a compromising situation with a female PTI leader named Rabia Malik has taken the internet by storm.

Rabia Malik: The PTI Link

Rumors have surfaced about Rabia Malik, a digital media strategist associated with the PTI. Speculations suggest that she holds the position of PTI’s deputy Twitter lead, as indicated by various sources. With the news of this alleged video leak, both Rabia Malik and Iftikhar Durrani have become the center of attention. People are turning to search engines in search of all the intricate details surrounding this incident. In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the situation.

Exploring the Controversial Video

According to reports, Rabia Malik has emerged as a key figure due to her connection with Iftikhar Durrani, a renowned politician within the PTI. It is worth noting that Durrani serves as the Prime Minister’s Special Assistant and leads the PTI’s Central Media Department. However, there are additional aspects of this news that deserve attention, which we will delve into further in the following section.

Video Leak and Public Reaction

While images of Rabia Malik and Iftikhar Durrani together are readily available on the internet, it is the leaked private video that has ignited the controversy. This video initially surfaced on Twitter and subsequently spread across various social media platforms. Multiple sources have posted videos in social media groups, capturing the public’s attention. In the upcoming section, we will provide you with additional details about this incident.

The Viral Video and its Circulation

The explicit nature of the video has attracted substantial viewership and garnered numerous likes. However, it is essential to clarify that several fake versions of the video, falsely attributed to Rabia and Iftikhar, have been circulating online. Despite this, Rabia Malik and Iftikhar Durrani find themselves embroiled in a significant scandal. Further investigation reveals that the video was likely recorded by a CCTV camera and subsequently leaked. Speculations suggest that the incident might have taken place within a hotel setting.

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The alleged lewd video involving PTI’s Iftikhar Durrani and Rabia Malik has captured the attention of the nation. The controversy surrounding this incident has raised serious questions about the integrity of the PTI party and the individuals involved. As the public seeks more information, it is crucial to approach this topic with caution and wait for verified updates from reliable sources. The repercussions of this scandal are yet to be seen, but one thing is certain: it has left a lasting impact on the political landscape of Pakistan.

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