Depressed dog cries all day after injured bird he saved heals and flies away

Depressed dog cries all day after injured bird he saved

Milo, the Staffy and Blue Heeler mix, was on one of his regular walks when he found a badly injured bird, he writes I love my dog ​​so much

The beautiful pink bird was actually a Galah Cockatoo, and Milo instantly became protective of the injured little creature. He brought the cockatoo home and begged his family to take care of the helpless bird.

The family named the cockatoo Cracker and prepared a cozy cage for him to heal and recuperate. Milo was so anxious that he stood guard by the cage all day and comforted Cracker, who was dealing with severe wing injuries. As Cracker gradually recovered, he formed an inseparable bond with his furry savior.

The family was delighted to witness Milo and Cracker’s blossoming friendship. The dog and the bird followed each other around the house and hung out together. Their jarring difference in size made their cuddle sessions seem quite “dangerous” to their humans, but the family eventually got used to their strange company!

Even when Cracker was fully healed and free to go, he never really left due to his fondness for Milo. But one morning, he casually flew away, leaving Milo in shock. The heartbroken dog would cry uncontrollably and sit by Cracker’s empty cage for weeks, but there was no sign of the bird.

But just when Milo thought his best feathered friend was lost forever, a miraculous twist of fate occurred! Someone had found Cracker a full 2 ​​weeks after he’d flown away. When they brought Cracker home, they could see that he was just as sad to be away from his dearest mate. Trust us when we say this is the cutest thing we’ve seen in a long time! What a magical friendship!

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