Deepika Padukone Declines Barbie Role and Advocates for Meaty Roles for South Asian Women

In recent years, the line between Bollywood and Hollywood has blurred as both industries focus on the art of filmmaking. Major productions like Citadel, Extraction, and xXx: Return Of Xander Cage are excellent examples of this trend. While Deepika Padukone has already made her Hollywood debut, she believes that there is a long way to go in terms of South Asian representation, particularly for leading roles.

The Need for South Asian Representation

Deepika Padukone is one of the most celebrated actresses in India, having worked in numerous Bollywood films and several Hollywood projects. However, she believes that South Asian actresses are still typecast as the “Indian doctor in a movie or the Indian taxi driver.” In a recent event, she spoke out about the need for more substantial roles for South Asian women, including characters like Wonder Woman and Bat Woman.

The Quest for Better Roles

According to Padukone, her decision to reject roles that perpetuate stereotypes is deliberate. She wants to work on projects that are “worth our talent, worth our time, and worth our energy.” Her quest for better roles is commendable, as it sets an example for other South Asian actresses to follow. The recent success of female-led projects, such as Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Black Widow, is a sign that the world is ready for more representation and diversity in leading roles.

Other South Asian Actresses Joining the Movement

Deepika Padukone is not the only South Asian actress advocating for better roles. Alia Bhatt is set to make her Hollywood debut with Heart Of Stone, where she will likely have a limited screen time but a significant role. Katrina Kaif will also be seen in a female superhero film soon. These actresses, along with others, are slowly breaking barriers and creating a path for South Asian representation in global cinema.


The divide between Bollywood and Hollywood is gradually dissipating as both industries focus on cinema as a whole. However, more needs to be done in terms of representation for South Asian actresses, particularly in leading roles. The advocacy of actresses like Deepika Padukone is essential in creating awareness and encouraging change. The hope is that the industry will listen and bring more substantial and diverse roles for South Asian actresses in the future.

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