Dancer Gautami Patil Faces Backlash After Changing Clothes Video Leak

Gautami Patil, a well-known Marathi dancer, is currently facing backlash after a nud*e video of her changing clothes was leaked online on Twitter and Reddit. The video has gone viral, and Gautami’s fans and followers are expressing shock and disappointment at the invasion of her privacy.

The Video Leak

The video, which appears to have been taken without Gautami’s consent, shows her changing clothes. It is unclear who leaked the video or how it was obtained. However, after the video went viral, Gautami issued a statement expressing her regret and asking people not to share the video.

Online Reactions

Gautami’s fans and followers have been quick to condemn the video’s leak and express their support for her. Many have expressed their disappointment at the invasion of her privacy, while others have called for those responsible for the leak to be held accountable.

Some online users have also criticized the way the video has been shared and discussed on social media, pointing out that sharing such content is a violation of Gautami’s rights and dignity. Others have called for greater awareness and action to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

Who is Gautami Patil?

Gautami Patil is a 27-year-old Marathi dancer born in Dhule, Maharashtra, India, in 1996. She has more than 400 posts, 597k followers, and 34 followers on Instagram, where she is known for her dancing, attractiveness, and fashion sense.

Gautami began working and performing on stage at the age of 18. She has received online trolling for some of her performances, including one where she wore a lavni dress. However, she remains a popular and well-respected figure in the Marathi dance community.


The leaking of Gautami Patil’s nud*e video has sparked outrage and concern among her fans and followers. It is a clear violation of her privacy and rights, and those responsible for the leak should be held accountable.

As a society, we need to be more aware of the impact of our actions on others and take steps to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. We should also show our support for Gautami and other victims of such violations, recognizing their dignity and right to privacy.

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