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Led by a powerful performance from Nushrratt Bharuccha, Akelli thrusts audiences into a high-stakes world of suspense and adversity.

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Akelli Download Link Online | Download Akelli Movie

#1. Akelli Telegram Link

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#2. Akelli Download Link VegaMovies

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#2. Akelli Download Mp4Moviez

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#3. Akelli Movie Download Link Filmyzilla

What if you don’t want to use the site VegaMovies, Mp4Moviez, or Telegram? Is there any other platform that can help?

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About The Movie – Akelli

Now that you have Akelli download link with you, here are the full details of the movie if you want to know more:

GenreDrama · Thriller
DirectorPranay Meshram
CastNushrratt Bharuccha, Amir Boutrous, Nishant Dahiya, Vijay Kumar Dogra, Tsahi Halevi, Mannat Duggaland others …
WritersPranay Meshram, Gunjan Saxena, Ayush Tiwari
MusicRohit Kulkarni
ProducersAparna Padgaonkar, Shashant Shah, Vicky Sidana, Ninad Vaidya, Nitin Vaidya
BudgetEst. ₹15 Crores
Released OnNearest Cinema Halls, Expected to release on Disney+ Hotstar
IMDb Rating8.5 (on the date of writing this post)
Original ReleaseAugust 25, 2023

Akelli 2023 – Movie Review

Akelli tells the harrowing tale of Jyoti, a young woman from Punjab whose search for employment lands her in the heart of danger. Set in 2014 in Mosul, Iraq at the height of ISIS’ stronghold, Jyoti finds herself a prisoner in a garment factory turned terrorist camp after a brutal ISIS attack. What follows is a nail-biting narrative of resilience, courage, and perseverance.

Debutante director Pranay Meshram thrusts audiences straight into the action, captivating us from the very first frame. The opening sequence where a woman is strapped with explosives on a bustling Mosul street is chilling and foreshadows the violence to come. Meshram does an excellent job of creating a constant tone of tension and immediacy throughout the film. Close-ups, shaky camerawork, and a heart-pounding background score maintain the adrenaline-fueled excitement.

At the emotional core of the film is a fantastic performance by Nushrratt Bharuccha as Jyoti. She convincingly embodies the gamut of emotions – from fear to gritty determination – as she fights for survival and escape. Bharuccha shines in scenes depicting Jyoti’s quick thinking and calculated plans to outmaneuver her captors. With limited dialogue, she conveys Jyoti’s resolute yet desperate state of mind.

Meshram also succeeds in painting a balanced picture of good and evil amidst complicated geopolitical tensions. The tender relationship between Jyoti and manager Rafeeq (Nishant Dahiya) reveals glimmers of humanity in the darkest of environments. On the other hand, Halevi as the merciless ISIS commander Assad is bone-chillingly menacing.

The film isn’t without its flaws, including some logical gaps and convenient coincidences. However, Meshram deserves praise for his courage to explore new ground and shed light on a difficult chapter in history. Akelli, at its best, is a white-knuckle thriller around every corner. While the danger facing Jyoti is harrowing, her relentless will to survive and reunite with her family is profoundly inspiring.

Here are some important FAQs you shouldn’t miss before you download the movie Akelli online –

How to download Akelli movie online?

Telegram is the best option if you want to download Akelli movie online. The link provided in this blog is safe and reliable. Just go to the channel and find the download link easily.

How can I watch Akelli movie?

Akelli has been released in theatres. So you have to head over there to watch it. However, if you want to download the movie today, we have shared some valuable tricks you can use.

What is the release date of Akelli?

Akelli was released worldwide on 25th August 2023. OTT release is still not confirmed.

Is Akelli on Netflix?

No, Akelli cannot be watched on Netflix.

Is Akelli movie a hit?

The thriller film starring Nushrratt Bharuccha had a disappointing opening weekend. It made only Rs 20 lakh on day 1 and Rs 0.31 crore on day 2, totaling Rs 51 lakh so far. Despite high expectations, the film is underperforming at the box office with low ticket sales continuing into the second day. More momentum is needed to turn things around.


Akelli is a thrilling tale that will have you on the edge of your seat, highlighting the immense power of human tenacity. Meshram has crafted an engaging story of hope amid harrowing circumstances that lingers in one’s mind long after the credits roll.

If you want to watch the Akelli movie online, then the best possible option is to go for the official release of the movie in the nearest cinemas. But it is not free no, so that is why the best way possible to watch Akelli online will be Telegram only.

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