Comprehensive Review of Aasai Movie: Plot, Cast, and Impact

At, we have watched the Aasai movie and were impressed by its engaging plot, skilled acting, and powerful message. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of the Aasai movie, covering its plot, cast, and impact on Indian cinema and society. Our aim is to offer a valuable resource for film enthusiasts, critics, and researchers, as well as to help our readers learn about the movie in a clear and engaging way.

Aasai Movie: Plot Summary

Aasai is a Tamil language romantic drama movie directed by Vasanth and released in 1995. The movie stars Prakash Raj, Suvalakshmi, and Ramesh Arvind in the lead roles, and has a strong supporting cast, including Vijaykumar, Srividya, and Delhi Ganesh. The plot revolves around the love triangle between Jeeva (Ramesh Arvind), Ravi (Prakash Raj), and Anjali (Suvalakshmi), and their complex relationships, aspirations, and conflicts. The movie is known for its realistic and sensitive portrayal of human emotions, and its focus on the nuances of middle-class life in Chennai. The movie also deals with themes such as parental pressure, career goals, and gender roles, and challenges some of the prevailing stereotypes and prejudices in the society.

Aasai Movie: Cast and Crew

The Aasai movie is a product of a talented and experienced team of filmmakers and artists. The director Vasanth is known for his distinctive style of storytelling, which combines realism, lyricism, and sensitivity. He has directed several critically acclaimed movies, such as Keladi Kanmani, Nee Paathi Naan Paathi, and Satham Podathey. The cinematography of Aasai is done by Jeeva, who is regarded as one of the best cinematographers in Indian cinema. He has worked in over 100 movies, including iconic films like Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, Ko, and Eeram. The music of Aasai is composed by Deva, who is a popular music director in Tamil cinema, and has composed music for over 400 movies. The songs of Aasai, such as Meenamma, Pulveli Pulveli, and Kadhal Kavithaigal, are still popular among the fans.

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The cast of Aasai is equally impressive, with each actor delivering a nuanced and powerful performance. Ramesh Arvind, who plays the role of Jeeva, is a versatile actor who has acted in many Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi movies. He is known for his comic timing, natural acting, and charming persona. Prakash Raj, who plays the role of Ravi, is a celebrated actor who has won several awards for his performances in movies like Iruvar, Kanchivaram, and Anniyan. He is known for his ability to portray complex and diverse characters with ease and authenticity. Suvalakshmi, who plays the role of Anjali, is a talented actress who has acted in many Tamil and Telugu movies. She is known for her natural beauty, graceful acting, and expressive eyes.

Aasai Movie: Impact and Legacy

The Aasai movie has had a significant impact on Indian cinema and society, and is regarded as a landmark movie in Tamil cinema. The movie was praised by critics for its realistic and sensitive portrayal of human emotions, and its nuanced and complex characters. The movie also broke some of the prevailing stereotypes and taboos in Indian cinema, such as the depiction of premarital s3x and female desire. The movie’s soundtrack and visuals also added to its popularity and cultural significance.

Aasai was a commercial success, and its box office collections and critical acclaim paved the way for many similar movies in Tamil cinema. The movie’s success also marked the emergence of a new wave of Tamil cinema that focused on realistic and socially relevant themes, and challenged the dominant formulaic and superficial trends in Indian cinema. Aasai has been remade in several languages, such as Telugu, Kannada, and Bengali, and has inspired many other filmmakers and artists.

The legacy of Aasai extends beyond cinema, and has influenced the social and cultural discourse in Tamil Nadu and India. The movie’s themes of love, aspiration, and identity have resonated with many people, especially the youth, who have struggled with similar issues in their lives. The movie’s frank and empathetic approach to the human experience has also helped to break some of the taboos and prejudices in the society, and to promote a more inclusive and understanding culture.


In conclusion, the Aasai movie is a masterpiece of Tamil cinema, and a valuable resource for anyone interested in film, culture, and society. The movie’s engaging plot, skilled acting, and powerful message have made it a classic in Indian cinema, and have inspired many other movies and artists. At [our website], we recommend the Aasai movie to all our readers who want to experience the magic of Tamil cinema, and to learn more about the complexities of human life. We hope that our review has been useful and informative, and we welcome any feedback and suggestions from our readers.

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