A Surprising Catch: Charlie’s Encounter with a Fierce Fish with ‘Human-like Teeth’ in Oklahoma

Janna Clinton sat on her back porch, enjoying a tranquil weekend in Oklahoma while observing her adventurous 11-year-old son, Charlie, fishing in the pond behind their house. Little did she know that this peaceful scene would soon transform into an exhilarating and bizarre experience that would captivate the entire neighborhood. As Charlie’s fishing expedition took an unexpected turn, the events that unfolded left everyone astonished.

An Unexpected Cry for Help

“Oh my God, mom! Oh my God!” Charlie’s voice echoed through the air, startling Janna as she listened from the porch. Initially, she dismissed it as her son’s dramatic nature, assuming it was just another playful moment. However, her curiosity piqued, and she decided to investigate the commotion.

The Unusual Catch

Upon reaching the pond, Janna witnessed an astonishing sight. In this neighborhood pond, catching bass or catfish was the norm, but what Charlie had reeled in was far from ordinary. Staring back at them with human-like teeth was a pacu, a fish that’s a close relative of the notorious piranha. These creatures, renowned for their sharp teeth and aggressive nature, were native to South America, making this encounter all the more perplexing.

A Battle of Strength

According to Janna, Charlie had managed to conquer the pacu all by himself. The fish put up a valiant fight, and young Charlie’s determination and skill prevailed. He emerged victorious, showcasing an exceptional fishing talent that impressed everyone around.

The Pacu’s Fate

Despite the extraordinary catch, the Clintons adhered to the pond’s catch and release policy and set the pacu free before learning about its invasive nature. Unaware of the potential consequences, they released the fish back into the water, unaware that they had made a regrettable mistake.

An Invasive Species

People who later recognized the fish informed the family about the fish’s invasive status, raising concerns about releasing it. Realizing their error, the Clintons regretted the decision and hoped that their accidental introduction of the pacu would not have significant repercussions for the local ecosystem.

Charlie’s Determination

Since that eventful day, Charlie’s fascination with the peculiar fish has only grown. He spent countless hours by the pond, eager to encounter the pacu once more. Early mornings and late evenings became his routine as he chased the fish, seeking another chance to reel it in.

A Prize-Worthy Catch

If Charlie successfully catches the elusive pacu again, a generous neighbor has offered to cook and eat it. However, Janna Clinton has different plans in mind. She believes her son’s remarkable achievement deserves recognition beyond a meal. Instead, she intends to have the fish mounted as a trophy, displaying it proudly to commemorate this extraordinary experience.


The tale of Charlie’s encounter with the formidable pacu is a testament to the unexpected wonders that nature can bring to our lives. It highlights the excitement and mysteries that lie in the most unlikely places, reminding us to cherish the beauty and surprises that surround us every day.

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Is the pacu dangerous to humans?

The pacu’s reputation as a cousin of the piranha might raise concerns, but its main diet typically consists of nuts, fruits, and aquatic vegetation, making it generally harmless to humans.

Can the pacu survive in the Oklahoma pond?

While the pacu is native to South America, it can adapt to different environments. However, it being an invasive species in Oklahoma raises concerns about its impact on the local ecosystem.

Are pacu commonly found in neighborhood ponds?

No, pacu are not commonly found in neighborhood ponds. Their presence in the Clintons’ pond was an unexpected and unique occurrence.

What are some fishing tips for catching pacu?

Fishing for pacu requires patience and skill. Using fruit-flavored bait or lures can increase your chances of attracting this unusual species.

Can pacu be kept as pets?

While some people do keep pacu as pets in large aquariums, they require specialized care and a considerable amount of space due to their size.

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